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If you are looking for a new kitchen design then it can be daunting thinking about the colour schemes and materials you want to include. If you haven’t thought about this before, then if you go to a kitchen showroom you might get overwhelmed with the options in front of you. Although a good kitchen designer should lead the discussion about a new kitchen, they should also take into account your needs and taste. A great way to prepare for your new kitchen is to create a kitchen mood board to provide inspiration and give you an idea of what kind of style you should go for. If you are unfamiliar with creating mood boards then we have put together a simple guide to help you get started.

Consider Colour Schemes

One of the first things that you should do when putting a mood board together is to consider the different colour schemes you might want in your kitchen. If you have one particular colour in mind then it is worth looking through lifestyle magazines and blogs to find some inspiration for the design. When thinking about the colour scheme you should also consider the kind of appliances that you are going to include in your kitchen. If you are having fitted appliances then this isn’t a major concern, but if not you will have to consider whether they clash with your colour scheme. Another tip to consider is if you are looking at several colour schemes, it could be a good idea to have separate mood boards for each.

Think About Materials

When you have considered the different colour schemes you want to include in your kitchen design, you should then think about materials. One of the main aspects in kitchen design is choosing the right kind of materials for your kitchen environment. This is something that doesn’t often get a lot of thought but do you want natural wood, granite worktops? What's the floor going to be made of? All of these factors contribute to the overall look and design of your kitchen so you should spend some time planning for this. Get some samples if you can and consider what kind of finish you are looking for in your kitchen. You should be able to find some good images in brochures for your mood board that show the different kinds of finishes, such as gloss or matt.

Have You Considered an Accent?

Another design aspect that you should think about before heading to a kitchen showroom is an accent. You don’t have to add this is but it can really put the finishing touch to your kitchen if you add an accent or main feature in the room. This can either be a dramatic contrast to the rest of your kitchen space or just a subtle change of colour a few tones away from your base colour. You can include this as a part of your mood board as you look to include other design elements to your kitchen. Think about a feature wall that will provide a good contrast or even extending the splashback to tile a whole wall.

Physical or Digital Mood Board

You can create your own mood board online using apps such as Pinterest to build out some inspiration. However, it may be a good idea to have a physical mood board in your home to provide inspiration for your kitchen design. The benefit of having a physical mood board is that you can actually see the colours and materials in front of you. Colours can appear different online and although you can get an idea, it might actually look different in person. Think about having a mix between your digital Pinterest mood board and having a physical space for your inspiration.

How to Create a Kitchen Mood Board for Your New Kitchen

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