blogWhat is a Farmhouse Kitchen? 3 Top Tips to Complete the Look

If you are looking for a new kitchen then you will have no doubt have come across farmhouse style kitchen designs. This is a popular kitchen trend at the moment as people look to create a more traditional feel in their kitchen and home. But it can be hard to know exactly what a farmhouse kitchen design looks like and what elements you can incorporate. We have put together a guide to all the aspects of a traditional kitchen style and how you can complete the look in your new kitchen.

Colour Scheme and Materials

There isn’t one main colour scheme for farmhouse kitchens and you can have a traditional style kitchen in either light or dark shades. One of the main benefits of farmhouse style kitchens is that they don’t have a uniform style and finish so you can adjust this to meet your needs. One common aspect of farmhouse kitchens is that they usually feature matt finish units and cupboards as opposed to gloss. Traditional kitchens generally include mostly wooden features but these can be either painted or left natural. This can either be finished with wooden worktops or use a natural stone to add some contrast to the kitchen.

Kitchen Units and Workspaces

A key aspect when creating a traditional kitchen design is the style of units and kitchen cupboard doors. This is a focal point of any kitchen and is one of the most notable features so you should be cautious to avoid modern kitchen doors. A popular option is shaker style kitchen doors as these offer a traditional feel to any kitchen space. Glass fronted doors can be a great option for traditional kitchens too and they can often make your space feel even bigger than it is. You should avoid going for handleless doors or any kind of modern touches where possible to maintain the traditional feel.

Sinks, Taps and Fixtures

If you want to create a traditional kitchen feel then you should consider opting for a ceramic sink to complete the look. This also includes any other fixtures that you opt for in your kitchen such as appliances or accessories. Traditional kitchens generally feature hardwearing ceramic sinks rather than modern metallic or other styled finishes. You should also think about avoiding any modern looking appliances and even consider what kind of kettle you will have as bright colours could look out of place in a modern kitchen.


Although you should focus on keeping a traditional style and aspect to your kitchen, you can of course have small modern elements too. Traditional kitchens wouldn’t have washing machines or dishwashers for example but these are part of modern day living. It can also be good to add a bit of contrast with a few spots of colour so carefully selected accessories are also ok. The beauty of a traditional kitchen is that there is no fixed style and it can be customised to suit your individual needs. Why not book an appointment with us today if you are looking for a new kitchen to find out how we can help?

What is a Farmhouse Kitchen? 3 Top Tips to Complete the Look

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