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If you are thinking about installing a new kitchen then you might be wondering what kind of colour scheme to go for. Choosing the right colour scheme for your kitchen is an important part of the process as it creates the atmosphere and ambience in the room.

You might also be conscious of resale value for your property and what kind of colours are stylish and attractive to potential buyers. Of course, you can’t please everyone but it is important to consider what kind of style and colour scheme you want to go for. If you are still unsure on what kind of colour to choose, we have put together an ultimate guide to kitchen colour schemes to make sure you have all the information you need.

Timeless Kitchen Colour Schemes

There are many different colour schemes that you can choose from in a kitchen and you will even find cabinets available in a wide range of colours from many manufacturers. But there are some kitchen colour schemes that continue to prove popular among buyers which have been listed above. These are some of the most popular tones that go together but you can of course mix between then and add other splashes of colour. A popular theme in kitchens as displayed is to opt for lighter tones of whites and greys but these can be matched with more vibrant or darker colours too. Citrus and yellow shades have also become more popular recently.

Choosing the Right Colour for Your Kitchen

When you are thinking about choosing the right kind of colour for your kitchen, you should consider what kind of mood and atmosphere you want to create. You might be keen to go all grey in your new kitchen but you should consider how it will actually make the room feel. Considering the mood that you want to install in your new kitchen could help you choose the right colour.

Consider the Size of Your Kitchen

One thing that you should consider when thinking about a new kitchen is the size of your space and how this might affect your choice of colour. Different shades can work better in different areas so it can be useful to get samples of your choices. If you have a small kitchen then it can be best to stick with light colour schemes to brighten up your space. You can contrast light walls and cabinets with dark flooring and worktops. Medium or larger kitchens are much more flexible when it comes to the colour and design of your space. A lot of natural light gives you the choice of having a darker and more sophisticated tone in the kitchen.

Use Different Textures In Your Kitchen

If you are opting for paler shades or plan to keep most of your kitchen one single colour, then you might be concerned that your kitchen feels a bit too flat and clinical. But you can avoid this by adding texture to your kitchen through tiling, flooring or accessorising. Opting for wood flooring to provide a contrast is a great way to do this or you could tile sections of your kitchen walls so that it’s not all one uniform colour. Adding bold colours with appliances or accessories can be another great way to add texture to your kitchen. You should also consider shelving and adding some house plants to bring some nature into your kitchen.

Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Colour Schemes

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