blogOur Complete Guide to Different Types of Kitchen Lighting

The kitchen is often seen as the family hub and is one of the areas where your family will spend most of their time. If you come together at meal times then your kitchen can be used more often than living our lounge areas. For this reason, it is important that you have the right kind of lighting in your kitchen to really set the mood. But there are all kinds of different styles of lighting that you can install in a kitchen including both overhead and under cabinet lighting. You might be left wondering what kind of lighting you should have in your kitchen and what could enhance your space. We have put together our complete guide to different types of kitchen lighting to help you get an idea about design for your space.

Choosing Ambient Lighting for Your Kitchen

This is also known as overhead lighting and will be the main source of lighting in your kitchen area. But there are different types of ambient lighting that all have different benefits and provide a different atmosphere to your kitchen. This is often considered to be the natural light in the room and will be what you look to use most of the time. A few different examples of ambient lighting includes;

Consider Task Lighting

One thing that can be really useful in any kitchen space is to plan for task lighting in different areas of the kitchen. Most of the things you do in your kitchen are task orientated and you will want to make sure you have enough light for these tasks. If you are having an island in your kitchen then you might want to consider downlighters above this. This can help when preparing food or sitting at the island if you don’t want to switch on the main overhead lighting. You should also consider task lighting near to your cooker, although this is often included in a cooker hood or extractor fan.

Under Cabinet Lighting

Another popular trend in a lot of modern kitchens is to opt for under cabinet lighting to create the perfect mood in the kitchen. If you don’t want the overhead lights on in the kitchen then this can be a great option to provide some light in the kitchen. This is great for the evenings but can also provide additional light onto the worktops if you are using them or having people around. You could also opt for lighting inside your cabinets which can make it easier to find what you’re looking for. Both of these styles of kitchen lighting often come in the form of strip lighting and they use LEDs to save energy.

These are some of the main styles of kitchen lighting explained but there are all kinds of different kitchen lighting styles that you can include in your home. Our kitchen designers can help you to plan your kitchen out including the perfect kitchen lighting for all areas of your space. Book an appointment with us today and one of our expert team members will be on hand when you arrive.

Our Complete Guide to Different Types of Kitchen Lighting

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