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Nothing says home like a country kitchen. Our kitchens are spacious, welcoming and provide plenty of space for preparing food, entertaining and living everyday life. A country kitchen is perfect for anyone that appreciates the cutting edge elements of chic and contemporary design elements but also wants to capture the warmth of a more traditional kitchen - and this style of kitchen blends both perfectly. As such, these kitchens are a popular choice for many homes, whether the style is traditional or even a bit more modern. Whether you’re looking to create a living space that gives the traditional country feel or need a professional team to design something sensitive to the age and style of your home, our team can help.

Country kitchens allow for a large open plan, typically flowing into another room and offering space for a designated eating area. They also tend to feature an island at the heart of the kitchen which provides extra storage and surface space in the kitchen - perfect for entertaining. Our designers are highly experienced in undertaking more complex elements that are typical of this style kitchen, such as bespoke solid oak and ash larders for your spice or drinks cabinets, a stunning mantle to complement your AGA or range cooker. Whatever vision you have for your new kitchen, we’re here to surpass all expectations and make your dream kitchen a reality.

The style is timeless, elegant, full of charm and blends effortlessly with a number of styles so there’s no need to feel like it won’t work with your current home decor scheme. The added bonus of the timelessness of a country kitchen is that you don’t need to worry about your kitchen going out of style in a few years, making it necessary to begin the design process all over again. Instead, you can rest assured that your kitchen will stand the tests of time, both in durability and style.

They are also popular due to the quality of their make and the fact that they are exceptionally durable, easily withstanding the everyday use that kitchens are consistently exposed to. Everything about a country kitchen from Kensington Scott says quality, from the calibre of wood used to hand-craft the cabinets to the traditional methods we use to create them. Another reason you can rest assured that our kitchens are of the highest quality is because we only supply them through one manufacturer whom we believe to be at the height of luxury bespoke kitchens. 

Should you choose to work with Kensington Scott to bring your kitchen to life, your designer will walk you through all the highly customisable options that each kitchen in our country range comes with. There is no detail that cannot be completely customised so you’ll be sure to love every square inch of your bespoke country kitchen. From hardware to cabinet materials, style, colour or finish, light fixtures, appliances and drawer configuration, you’ll have endless choices that will allow you to make your kitchen truly your own. At Kensington Scott we give you every opportunity to let your creativity come to life when designing your kitchen and do whatever it takes to make the kitchen of your dreams a reality, no matter the size of your budget.

If you’d like to speak to us about designing a country kitchen, please contact us or feel free to visit our showroom in Tonbridge, Kent. One of our friendly designers would be more than happy to discuss your project with you and explain our design process.

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