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Kensington Scott specialises in the design and installation of beautiful bespoke kitchens. Based in the South East and with more than three decades of experience, we have a solid track record of providing our customers with one of a kind, bespoke and hand-crafted kitchens. That’s not to say that bespoke must equate to a large price tag - our designers are able to give you that custom feel on any size budget. At Kensington Scott, almost every kitchen project we take on has some element of bespoke to it, whether it’s a specially modified unit or a clever bit of carpentry on site. Every home has its own intricacies and hurdles, and our expert team excels at guiding you through the options you have to make your space work, both aesthetically and practically. .

The beauty of our ranges is that they can all be completely bespoke as you need them to be. So whether you’re looking at a large scale and highly customised project, or simply need to work to around a complicated kitchen layout, we can provide the ideal bespoke solution When you choose to buy your kitchen with Kensington Scott, you’re not just ‘buying a kitchen.’ Our design team will take the time to listen to your needs and ideas for your kitchen. Then, they’ll work closely and collaboratively with you to deliver the kitchen you envision, taking into account any challenges the space presents.

Each of our kitchen ranges comes with a number of options that can be completely suited to your tastes so that your space is completely unique and your own. From cabinets available in a range of materials, styles and colours down to the hardware, countertops, floors, oven hoods and everything in between, you have every chance to make a mark on the style and character of your bespoke kitchen with Kensington Scott. We can even work with you to come up with innovative and practical storage solutions in your kitchen so that you are best able to make use of the space you have.

Our services don’t just end at design and installation. We understand that to deliver a truly bespoke kitchen, you’ll want to customise other elements of the room as well. To help make this an easier process, we offer project management services. This allows us to call upon our network of trusted contractors, floor-layers, electricians, plumbers and other specialists to handle every aspect of your kitchen renovation so that you don’t have to worry about finding craftsmen on your own and managing the process - we’ll happily take care of that part for you, too.

We know that when you decide to install a new kitchen, you don’t want the template treatment you get from so many suppliers. That’s why the experience of buying a kitchen from Kensington Scott is anything but typical - we take pride in offering our clients completely bespoke and hand-crafted kitchens at excellent value for money. The design and effort that goes into creating a Kensington Scott kitchen showcases the quality and timeless-ness of the ranges we supply, leaving you content with the knowledge that what you’re left with is a high quality, hand-crafted bespoke kitchen at excellent value.

To learn more about our kitchens, feel free to browse our case studies and gallery on our website. You can also visit our showroom in Tonbridge, Kent to get a personal feel of what we can offer you. Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about our bespoke kitchens.

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