blogTips and Tricks on How to Declutter your Kitchen

The kitchen is a mess, with old letters stacked up on the counters, the pan drawer no-longer closes due to all the pots stacked weirdly, the drying rack is a careful balancing act and there are way too many gadgets lining the table.

Studies have also shown that having too much clutter in the kitchen can lead to weight gain, which is just another reason to finally do that spring clean of your kitchen and whatever is growing under the sink.

Okay, so you’re standing in the doorway and looking at all of the cupboards and you may be feeling slightly overwhelmed. It’s a lot, yes, but you can tackle it and feel much better afterwards.

  1. Set a Timer

Unless you’ve got two days to get everything done, or you’re only planning to do a briefer clean, you’ll probably need a couple of days to get everything done, and this will make it easier for you to not fall into decision fatigue about all the things you only kind of want to keep.

Grab your bin bags and keep baskets and charity boxes, set the timer for 30 minutes (or for a couple of hours, if you feel you can go for longer, though 30 minutes allows you to take breaks as well) and let’s start.

  1. One Area at a Time

Yes, you could bring everything onto the floor and go from there, but that will probably just make you more stressed. Start with one section of the kitchen, or just one drawer. Take an inventory, then move onto the next step.

  1. Question It

Not interrogate, but, as Marie Kondo said, question whether you really want or need it.

The best items to be harsh with are :


  1. Ditch it

Now you should have a little pile of things that you’ve realised you can live without, what to do with it? The best decisions are to either throw it away or donate them. You could sell it, but that’s often a lot of time and effort that probably isn’t worth it.

  1. Store it

Now that you’ve pruned that drawer, look at what you have left, then put them back into the drawer neatly. If you feel like it will probably belong in a different category, leave it on the side and tackle that category next.

  1. Onwards!

One part is done, the timer rings, take a break and move on to the next part. Before you know it, the kitchen will be done and your stress will have faded away!

Tips and Tricks on How to Declutter your Kitchen

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