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The kitchen is often known as the heart of the home. Its the place where families come together, eat, cook and entertain. Is it time to give your kitchen a makeover? If so, check out these popular 2020 kitchen ideas for some inspiration!


Statement Taps

It's time to let your tap shine. No kitchen is complete without a tap, so why not make it a little special? Brassy industrial taps are a great way to draw the eye, whilst complimenting the space. Pair with similar finishes for your cupboards and drawer knobs to keep the style clean and consistent. 


Smart Storage

We as a nation strive to declutter our spaces, mostly for our overall well being. In the kitchen, there are often many ‘things’ we need to store, from food to appliances. Well-placed and concealed storage saves the aesthetic of our kitchens whilst still retaining practicality. If you're looking for maximum concealed storage, why not consider a larder? They provide ample storage and feature easily accessible drawers and shelves. A larder cupboard can store many of our everyday ingredients and make them easy to find for everyday use.


Modern Twists

Whilst traditional kitchen styles are timeless and remain popular, adding a modern twist on classic designs is growing in popularity. Many people opt for a splash of colour on older cabinets to create a more contemporary style. For example, paint your cabinets a deep shade of navy to create a sense of depth and luxury in your kitchen, whilst still keeping a traditional kitchen style.


Industrial Style

The use of raw, industrial style materials is becoming popular among kitchens across the country. Rich tones and texture offer a unique aesthetic which looks great in nearly any kitchen space. You can implement the industrial style by adding stainless teal or wooden accents to your kitchen, creating a rustic and ‘unfinished’ appeal. The industrial kitchen style is definitely going to take 2020 by storm.


Colour Pops

Using colour in unexpected places like bar stools and appliances is a fun way to make your kitchen custom and unique to your own tastes. If you want to add a burst of colour without changing the colour of your cabinets, simply accessorize with coordinated accessories. Try using an aquamarine for a soothing splash of colour, creating a crisp clean palate which works great. 


Unique Splashbacks

Practical as well as aesthetically pleasing. Having a statement splashback is a great way to spruce up your kitchen space without changing your cabinets and worktops. There are endless colour options when it comes to splashbacks, and you can use a number of materials such as marble, quartz and stainless steel.


Charming Farmhouse

Farmhouse inspired cooking spaces are growing in popularity. The timely features add warmth and depth to the kitchen. Create this style by adding some retro vintage details such as old kettles and small trinkets. Opt for wooden cabinets to give your home a country-cottage feel.

Popular 2020 Kitchen Ideas

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