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The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where we cook, eat, relax and entertain. So, what’s stopping you spruce it up with a classic new style? Here are three of the best classic kitchen styles, to award your kitchen with a timeless new look.

Minimalist Living

A step up from the classic open plan kitchen is the minimalist style. This style morphs together colours of white with heaps of natural light, creating a simple aesthetic in your kitchen. You can achieve this kitchen style by storing most of your belongings in your cabinets, to achieve a clear open worktop space. White cabinets are ideal for the minimalist style, as they brighten up your kitchen. The kitchen is considered the focal point of the home, so decluttering the room can ultimately make you feel more relaxed in the space you spend a lot of your time in.

Farmhouse country

The country kitchen style flaunts a rustic appeal and will suit any kitchen space. This kitchen style is traditionally common in rural cottages yet is growing popular with more contemporary houses. To achieve the ultimate farmhouse kitchen, think of rustic wood and large tables. Create a sense of comfort in your kitchen by adding soft furnishings such as pillows to your chairs. You can also purchase potted plants to sit on your windowsill, which will add to the farmhouse ambience.

When it comes to country design, often a variety of colour palettes are used. Colours can range from bright reds and yellows to dark blues and creams, it’s all about making the most of the space you have. If your kitchen is slightly smaller, consider using a cream colour palette to brighten up the space. The beauty of the county style kitchen is that you can mix and match your colours, to achieve the rustic farmhouse look.


The industrial kitchen style is a modern classic. It combines raw materials such as brick and metals with bright colours to create a textured, open space.  Not only does an industrial kitchen look great, but it is also very cost-effective. You can leave brick walls open to create an urban, rustic look in your kitchen.

Due to the dark tones of the raw materials in an industrial kitchen, don’t be scared to brighten it up with a pop of colour. You can paint bar stools or dining chairs with bold reds and blues, which will create an accent feature in your kitchen space.

Top Three Classic Kitchen Design Styles

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