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An important part of any kitchen design is the backsplash and choosing the right tiles to provide the final finishing touch to your kitchen. Not only do kitchen tiles function as a backsplash and protect the walls from dirt and food spills, but they should also complement the countertops and suit the kitchen too. Traditionally, backsplashes were often standard 4x4 ceramic tiles and generally colourful or including graphics. But modern kitchens have a lot more flexibility when it comes to patterns, styles and size. We look at one of the biggest trends lately in geometric tiles but also look at other ideas for your kitchen too.

Geometric Kitchen Tiles

A kitchen design trend that has really taken off in recent times is geometric tiles and patterned tiles in general. Geometric tiles come in a wide range of different styles and simply refers to tiles that include a repeated pattern of geometric shapes. This is something that became a popular choice for wallpaper and seems to have become just as popular with kitchen design. Geometric tiles can come in all shapes and sizes from opulent marble hexagons to modernist cubism designs. You can find geometric tiles in both large and small patterns and they can make the perfect splashback for your kitchen. One thing that you should consider is the style of your kitchen, for instance, you could use colourful tiles to provide a contrast with traditional kitchen designs.

Large Subway Tiles

One of the longest lasting kitchen tile trends includes what is commonly referred to as subway tiles. These are rectangular tiles in a traditional 3” x 6” shape, generally available in different colours to match your kitchen. This clean look is the perfect kitchen tile trend for classic kitchen designs and offers an opportunity to inject some colour too. Recently, we have seen this trend moving towards larger sizes and even just longer subway tiles. As this trend doesn’t seem to be going away, you can expect to see a number of different styles in subway tiles including different shapes and even patterns.

Slabs or Solid Individual Pieces

Another trend that is proving popular with new kitchen design is to opt for larger individual slabs or pieces of stone. Traditionally, backsplashes and kitchen tiles have been comprised on lots of smaller individual tiles pieced together, but this can be very time consuming to do especially for large areas. However, it can be much easier and quicker to use one large slab as a backsplash instead. Unlike using individual tiles, this one large piece is a continuous slab with fewer breaks. This provides a clean look to the wall and is perfect for all kinds of kitchens. However, it does mean you are usually much more limited when it comes to colour and pattern.

Ceiling Height Tiling

When you think about backsplashes, you generally think about the space between the cabinets and the worktop. But one of the main jobs of this tiling is to ensure that you don’t get the walls dirty from food spills or anything else. This doesn’t just occur by your cabinets and you can often prepare food in other areas of the kitchen, but tiling halfway up the wall can look awkward. That’s why one of the latest emerging design trends is to see ceiling height tiling in the kitchen. This makes a great instant impression in a kitchen is perfect for all kinds of spaces.

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Kitchen Trend Watch – Geometric Tiles and Other Ideas

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