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Kensington Scott offers a range of matt kitchens that are perfect for all kinds of spaces. Matt kitchens have become trendy recently and they come in many different styles and designs. You can find matt kitchens in plenty of styles including both traditional and modern designs. But you might think that matt gets dirty and is harder to clean. This isn’t the case and there are plenty of reasons to consider having a matt kitchen. We have put together some of the best advantages to having a matt kitchen in your home.

Advantages of a Matt Kitchen

There are plenty of advantages to a matt kitchen that can make for the ideal kitchen to meet your needs. One of the biggest advantages to having a matt kitchen is that you don’t notice damage as easily as you would do with other finishes such as gloss. It is also actually a lot lower maintenance as dirt isn’t as easily noticeable, so your kitchen will look cleaner for longer. This is ideal if you have a family and often have a busy kitchen, as any small damage or scratches will not be noticeable. It is also available in a wide variety of colours, so it can easily suit your space.

Disadvantages of a Matt Kitchen

However, there are some disadvantages to a matt kitchen that you should also consider. One of the main differences is that matt can look dull so it can make the room look smaller. Whereas a gloss kitchen with a shiny surface reflects light back into the kitchen so your room looks more spacious. And although matt kitchens don’t show imperfections as much and are easier for general cleaning. Should you stain your cupboard doors or do any serious damage then it is much harder to clean than other finishes.

Choosing the Right Kitchen

If you are thinking about a matt kitchen, then there are some things that you should consider to see if its right for your design. When thinking about a matt finish, you should think about how it goes with the rest of your kitchen design plans. If you are thinking about the right kitchen for your needs, then we have some things you should consider;

  • Flooring; one thing you should think about is the kind of flooring that you want in your kitchen. You can, of course, go for contrast but if you want a certain type of flooring that doesn’t go well with matt, then it might be worth reconsidering.
  • Worktops; you should also consider what kind of worktop you are thinking about going for. You can go for contrast here to break it up, but it can sometimes be difficult to match a glossy granite worktop with some matt kitchens.
  • Colour Scheme;  consider the colour scheme you are going for in the kitchen too. If you are looking for a specific colour scheme, then don’t have your heart set on matt as you will need to find the best colour to suit your needs.

Is Matt the Best for Kitchens?

Ultimately, it is all down to preference, as both matt and gloss style kitchens have pros and cons that outweigh each other. If you are unsure what kind of kitchen you should go for, book an appointment to come in and see us. Our expert team can offer advice to make sure you get the perfect kitchen.

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