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If you are looking for a range of bespoke handleless kitchens, then Kensington Scott have a wide range of hand made kitchens to meet your needs. With a modern look these kitchens are perfect for all kinds of spaces and homes. You also don’t have to worry about replacing handles when they get worn or break. There are some great advantages to handleless kitchens and a few things that you should consider too. We have put together a guide to handleless kitchen to make sure you have all of the information you need before choosing your perfect kitchen.

Advantages of Handleless Kitchens

One of the biggest advantages of having a handleless kitchen is they are much more streamlined and in some ways safer. It is more than likely that at some point you have knocked your hip, bumped your head or got something caught on one of the door handles in your kitchen. Although this isn’t a massive inconvenience it is great not to worry about this, especially if you have kids. They also look great as handleless kitchens are much more streamlined and stylish to match all kinds of kitchens with modern accessories fitting perfectly with the design.

Disadvantages of Handleless Kitchens

You will notice that handleless kitchen can need more maintenance than other kitchen finishes. The fact that you need to put your hands on the kitchen cabinet doors to open them means you will no doubt need more cleaning. You will find they get dusty and dirty much quicker, and even if you have clean hands, you will notice fingerprints and marks on your doors a lot more. They are generally more expensive than traditional kitchen cabinets too so if you aren’t looking for a lower budget option, you should consider whether these are right for you.

Is a Handleless Kitchen Right for Me?

This is a stylish and modern choice to freshen up your kitchen and can make the room look very clean and uncluttered. If you have an open plan home with a kitchen-diner or even a kitchen that opens onto your living space, then a handleless kitchen can match well with your modern interiors. But there are some things you should consider before choosing this kitchen;

  • Design; if you are looking for a traditional kitchen feel, with wooden cabinets, then a handleless kitchen might not fit this design. They are generally much more modern looking in their design.
  • Flooring; if you don’t plan on changing your flooring and this is quite dated, then a modern kitchen design might not be the ideal solution. You might be better with a painted kitchen or a more traditional approach.
  • Fixings; these kinds of kitchens often come with more expensive fixings, such as soft close hinges, push to open or finger pull mechanisms. If you don’t want these fixings you might want to consider other kitchens.

Specialist Kitchen Advice

If you are still unsure what kind of kitchen you want to go for, then why not speak to one of our specialists to get some advice. Get in touch and book an appointment today and we can help to make sure that you find the perfect kitchen. We provide specialist advice to meet your needs in providing a bespoke kitchen.

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