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Kitchen design trend changes from year to year but one trend that is making a comeback at the moment is retro kitchen design. The whole retro theme is coming back in a big way in fashion, music and popular culture. If you’re looking for a new kitchen design then you might want to consider opting for a retro look, as this trend has more chance of lasting in popularity. And lets face it, retro takes inspiration from older kitchen trends so it is, in fact, a timeless design that ages well. We highlight some of the biggest kitchen trends around and how you can incorporate these into your new kitchen design.

Bright and Bold Colours

One of the biggest retro design trends making its way into kitchens revolves around bright and bold colours. Adding bold pops of colour to your kitchen is a great retro way of revolutionising your space. Bold colours can make your kitchen space bright and vibrant and space you are happy to spend a lot of time in. Whether you opt for bold colours on your kitchen cabinets, bold coloured tiling or even a fresh coat of bright paint, it can really accentuate the retro feel to your kitchen. Small appliance makers can help too as many toasters, kettles and other appliances are now available in bright retro colours.

Retro Appliances

Another retro trend that is surging in popularity is retro kitchen appliances. Although this isn’t the cheapest way to bring retro design into your kitchen, it can have a long lasting effect and is a great choice if you need new appliances. There are plenty of manufacturers that are now offering retro appliances in a range of different colours. You can find retro appliances in bold colours but also plain colours too. They are becoming super trendy and many celebrities are now adopting the trend too. Some of the most popular retro appliances include;

Retro Furniture Design

Similar to appliances, retro furniture is a making a massive comeback and plenty of manufacturers are actually producing new pieces of furniture in a retro style. Vintage furniture is an easy way to change the look and feel of your kitchen. There are plenty of sleek and slim pieces of retro furniture that can really make a difference in your kitchen. Some popular retro brands include MADE and Wayfair, who both have a range of retro furniture pieces that would suit all kinds of kitchen spaces.

Tiled Flooring

You can also bring a real retro feel back to your kitchen by opting for tiled flooring. This has come back in a big way recently and can really give your kitchen environment a retro feel. Tiled flooring can be great for your kitchen as it is very durable and is fairly easy to clean too. Of course, if you do drop something like crockery then it is more likely to break on tiled flooring. Choosing checkered or patterned tiles for your flooring can really enhance the retro feel in your kitchen.

Kitchen Trend Watch – Retro Kitchens Making a Comeback

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